Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clean Garage

Well yesterday I decided to finally break down and clean my garage. I have about 50 rubermaid totes that I moved from Indiana and it has been a year since we've been here. I have not even opened half of them. So I thought I shall get rid of stuff. I went through all of them and through out all the clothes I have been saving. and all the other stuff that was practically useless. Now there are about 16 totes in the middle of my garage floor waiting for my prince to come and haul them away. I also have a side entrance garage and I installed 3 blinds. now lets talk about my physical condition. I have almost no physical and it is all my condition. I am 9 weeks pregnant and so I am enjoying the morning sickness all day long. Then I have MS and have been off my meds for a while so that leaves me practically useless, because I have no energy to do anything or my body just doesn't work. But miraculously yesterday it did. and now I can't move. My muscles are so sore, and my back is killing me, needless to say I am in my assumed position, in my recliner with the laptop.

It gets even funnier. I haven't really exercised or moved more than I have had to for about a year and 1/2 because of my ms. So I was thinking that I need some prenatal yoga dvd. so I went on amazon and saw a prenatal pilates. I did pilates once. It was great. Then I remembered my hair dresser telling me that she did pilates with the new circle resistance thing, and she said it slimed her up so nicely, like smaller than she'd been in forever. So I reasoned that since I did pilates once and it worked so nicely for her, I need to get the new circle and dvd. but now that I can't move so well I just kind of laugh, like am I serious? I thought I couldn't move before. so I will let you all know how I do.